We are a full service conservation lab, serving private and public collections, small and large museums and educational institutions.  While we specialize in the restoration and the preservation of ethnogaphic objects, we offer a variety of other conservation services.  

Restoration/conservation treatments:

Ethnographic material, by its very nature, can be quite complex.  Because there are often a variety of material types combined in a single object, cultural materials can require special care and handling.  A restoration method appropriate for one part of an object (stone or metal, for example) may not be safe for adjacent materials (such as textiles, feathers, or leathers.)  Restoration and preservation of ethnographic material can be quite a challenge!

Some of the object types we work with regularly here are:

  • Beadwork
  • Porcupine quill embroidery and quill wrapping 
  • Beadwork
  • Leather: brain tan, suede, rawhide, commercially tanned leathers, rawhide, harness leathers, saddles, and horse tack
  • Feathers and feathered objects such as headdresses and dance bustles
  • Textiles:  woven wool, cotton or linen garments and blankets
  • Basketry
  • Pottery
  • Stone, wood and metals

To see some examples of our recent projects, please visit our Projects page

Analytical services: working with contaminated collections,  chemical testing for toxicity, pesticides, and harmful contaminants in the storage environment

Collections care consulting - 

Exhibit and lighting design - 

quillwork repair

Do you have a question about your valuable collections or just a treasured family heirloom? Please feel free to email us!

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