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Charlie Russell headdress restoration

Charles M. Russell
Bison Horn Headdress

The Charles M Russell Museum exhibit "The Bison", which opened in December, 2008, featured important ethnographic objects from the museum's permanent collection. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a bison-horn headdress made and worn by Russell himself. Read more about how this headdress was rescued and brought back to it's original condition.

Quillwork repair

Quillwork Repair

Conservation of intricately woven porcupine quill decoration on an early Upper Missouri style war shirt.

Feathered bonnets

Cleaning Feathered Bonnets

The Bison exhibit at the C.M. Russell Museum also featured a number of eagle feather headdresses. Many of these objects required special care and cleaning prior to going on display.

leather repair

Leather Repair - Beaded Blackfoot Shirt

Conservation of a Blackfoot shirt whose leather and beaded strips had been severely damaged by insect pests.

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